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Your Kaur Team is your resource for all things real estate in NYC & NJ.
Whether you are looking to buy your first home or sell your third,
you are making an investment in yourself -
and we want to help make it your best one yet.

who we are

Your Kaur Team is a real estate team at Keller Williams Realty in New York City & New Jersey.  

 Everything we do is rooted in the fundamental belief that  in order to do good for others, we must invest in ourselves.  

We use experience, creativity, and integrity to design real estate as an opportunity to invest in yourself.

what we do

We educate customers in making the best decisions for them; represent clients with honesty and diligence; and simplify real estate transactions and investments.   We help our sellers, buyers, investors and renters make the best option right for them with top market knowledge, creative resources and transaction tips and tricks.  

Bonus: we help clients compare neighborhoods between NYC and NJ.

why we do it

To design and create solutions, particularly that of creativity, for the goodness and betterment of our selves, our communities, and our one world, one corner at a time.


Our selves = financial & emotional wellness

Our communities = building equity

Our one world = reducing waste and repurposing 

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