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Harjot Kaur Nayar

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Invest in yourself.

Harjot Kaur Nayar, founder of Your Kaur Team, is a licensed real estate agent servicing NYC & NJ. Her expertise in multiple neighborhoods across the Hudson allows her to advise her clients more thoroughly. She has worked with over 150 clients in her seven years of industry experience, closing over $40 million in sales volume.  Upon going full time four years ago, she slowly formed Your Kaur Team.

Harjot transitioned into real estate after a background in psychology and research, as well as non-profit community organizing work. She has worked at institutions including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins, and the Sikh Coalition.  She had always enjoyed the architecture and design of NYC real estate, and was motivated to help others enjoy the same while she managed the hassle of the housing process for them.


Harjot quickly began realizing the impact smart real estate choices can make in one’s life. Whether you purchase a home for its appreciation potential or for the time saved by being in proximity to your office, real estate is an investment.  With the right guidance, any seller, buyer, renter or investor can make the right decision that provides a valuable return. 


The goal at Your Kaur Team is to help you invest in yourself. By aiding people to invest in themselves, Harjot envisions building leverage to empower communities, and ultimately creating vast micro-opportunities to make sustainable housing choices that creates a physical environment we all want to invest in.


Your Kaur Team

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

(646) 598-8598

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