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invest in yourself

Your Kaur Team is a real estate team

at Keller Williams Realty in New York City & New Jersey.

We help our sellers, buyers, investors and renters make the best option right for them

with top market knowledge, neighborhood comparison and transaction tips and tricks.

To educate customers in making the best decisions for them; to represent clients with honesty and diligence; and to simplify real estate transactions and investments.


Everything we do is rooted in

the fundamental belief that

in order to do good for others,

we must invest in ourselves. 

Whether you are an investor or end user, real estate is an opportunity to invest in yourself.

To design and create solutions, particularly that of creativity, for the goodness and betterment of our selves, our communities, and our one world, one corner at a time.


Our selves = financial & emotional wellness

Our communities = building equity

Our one world = reducing waste and repurposing 


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Who do you know who you think should sell, buy or invest?



Did you know the average national
mortgage rate in the last 30 years is 8%?
We are less than half of that right now. 
Don't miss out on this opportunity.
Find out what homeownership means for you.



We are at an all-low with housing inventory.
The market is still strong, with pandemic-related housing needs spilling over into 2021.
Let us help you learn what your house can earn you, and what moving can do for you.
Find out what a change of scenery
means for you.
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Property Pricing

Sell, smart.

Book your complimentary consultation and free price evaluation to make an informed and confident decision.




Kinda like HGTV.

Book your complimentary buyer consultation. We'll review the ideal buying process and how we can help simplify the experience to as smooth, stress-free and cost-effective as we can.




Return in Real Estate.

We firmly believe real estate is a critical means in wealth building. Like any financial investment, you need a strong advisor. Book your meeting now to talk strategy, the do's and don'ts of REI, and high-return markets.




Rent like a buyer.

Renting in NYC is like the wild, wild west. Or at least it's perceived to be. We make it simple and straightforward. We'll tell you what you'll need so you don't waste time, and how to negotiate the best deal.

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What we've sold

  • Do I need 20% for a down payment?
    Nope! You can do as little as 3.5% down. There are many types of loan products. Which is best for you depends on what you qualify for, the property you'd like to buy, and what your financial preferences are. Want to learn how to do 0%? Give us a call.
  • I want to sell but my house needs some updates. Can you help?
    Absolutely! During our listing consultation, we review the services we offer, and which we think would help you the most. If you would rather sell as is and get out quickly, we can absolutely help you out with that too.
  • Are NYC or NJ good areas to still invest in?
    Great question. The shorter answer: yes and no. Yes - we will always have a high population density, which means there will not be a shortage of housing needed. The average cap rate ranges from 5%-12%. No - you can get higher cap rates, with lower principal starts, outside of the metro area. Book an Investing Infosession above and let's delve deeper.
  • What is the average broker fee in NYC for rentals?
    Ah, broker fees. Manhattan rentals are infamous for its confusion, especially around broker fees. Traditionally, the broker fee is 15% of the annual rent - this means multiplying your gross monthly rent by 12, and then by 15%. In a less competitive market, you will find agents who will reduce their commission, sometimes to 12%, 10%, or even one month, which is 8.33%. The listing agent will split this with the tenant's agent. Given an NYC tenant law passed in 2019, but that was immediately overturned, there is a possible shift towards owners having to pay the listing agent's fees, and that tenants will be responsible for paying their own agent, if they elect to use one.
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